Sunday, May 2, 2010

St. Mary's Lab 6 Super Hero Theme

Today at St. Mary's my group had special projects. We had to clean up the equipment room and do the normal stuff but we also had to talk with our peers about their experiences there at St. Mary's over the past 6 weeks. We all reflected on some of our favorite moments and how St. Mary's has defined who were believe we are and are going into as teachers. Besides reflected also my group dressed up as Supermen and women which really got the students into it. We had the last game and it was a tag game I made up with a superman twist on it. I split up the group into two different groups. Half of the class would have bean bags or snowball and they would be the Lex Luthers who had kryptonite. They would be running around chasing the rest of the class who would be the Supermen. If one of the Supermen was tagged with the Kryptonite they would obviously be weaker and needed to go to the re-charge zone. The re-charge zone would be a designated area in the corner of the gym where the "supermen" would have to do either 10 "super-jacks" or "blast offs" to re enter the game. The game seemed to work really well and the fact that the students could pretend and play the roles of characters from the super hero game they really liked. Overall I'm actually really going to miss St. Mary's and working with some of the students. Going there every other week it was easy to form bonds with certain students and being able to come back each week and see that you made an impact on them because they remember you was great. I hope that one day I can get a teaching position like at St. Mary's in an elementary school. I really enjoyed it.