Monday, April 12, 2010

St. Mary's Lab 5 Toy Story (Kicking and Dribbling)

Today at St. Mary's we were faced with dealing with a different environment. Today the chorus was using the gym which forced us to move outside and downstairs in the cafeteria. My game was a station game where some of the characters from toy story were at each station and at each station would be different activities to perform related to the specific character. At the alien station the children jumped rope, the buzz lightyear station they dribbled the threw the ball up against the wall (to infinity and beyond), the woody station they kicked it like the cowboy woody and passed soccer balls back the forth with a partner, and at the piggy station students had a coin toss with each other with snowballs and then would put the "coins" into the piggy bank. Overall I felt the stations worked out really well and we were able to evaluate the student's skills with dribbling and kicking a ball. At some points I got a little frustrated with some of the students who didn't want to participate and cooperate because it was after school and they just wanted to do their own thing. Once I stepped back and realized that it was going two students out of a whole bunch I felt more successful. I guess you will always face those couple that won't listen and will be defiant. I really did enjoy my experience today though and I think i'm finally starting to really get the hang of it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at St. Mary's

Lab 4 was a lot of fun at St. Mary's. Lab 4 was an Easter theme and we had to use the skills of throwing and catching in a game with an Easter theme. My group wore bunny ears into the school which really got the students excited. We also make photo collage decorations thanking St. Mary's for letting us come to their facility. Besides making signs, my group created a game and song for the closing of the day. Our song's lyrics were, I'm a little bunny, I'm a little bunny. Hip Hip Hop, Hip, Hip Hop, I run all day, Searching for Carrots, Yes I do, Yes I do. Also we created a game that included Easter egg cards that I had made before hand and on the other side of the cards would be an exercise or locomotor skill the students and a partner would have to perform before being able to take an Easter egg they would throw to each other and eventually put into their Easter basket. The team to fill up their Easter basket first with the eggs was designated the winner. They game I felt went really well and was fun to play at the same time. Since starting at St. Mary's I'm really beginning to enjoy it. Even though sometimes there are difficulties, I feel like we are beginning to learn how to handle the obstacles.