Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Mary's Day 3 (Dinosaur Train)

At Lab 3 at St. Mary's the first thing we did was watch two designated students perform the given tasks for the day. These tasks included the horizontal jump, slide, and leap. After observing we moved to our assigned locations for the day. This week my group my group had the pre-k. Overall I really enjoyed working with the pre-k. As soon as we arrived we jumped right in and colored in dinosaurs with the students. After coloring we moved into one room together and Bridget and I each read the students a book about dinosaurs. I found that the more enthuastic you were when reading the books the more the students got into it. Once we were done reading the books we moved into the gym and instructed the students on how to play the games we designated. My game I called "Dinosaur Train Boogie." For the game I created cards that were bright and colorful of four of the different characters of the Dinosaur Train show. I would place all the characters scattered in the center and there were 4 hoola-hoops in each corner of the designated area. Each hoop was designated for one of the four characters. When the music played the students were asked to either skip, horozontal jump, leap, slide, or job around. Then once the music stopped each student would have to pick up a character recognize the other students who had the same character as them and go to the designated hoop for their character. Once this was completed the music would start again and the students would be asked to do another task until they placed their character back into the center of the circle and then the pattern would repeat again. Overall I found my game pretty effective because it had everyone involved and the students really enjoyed getting to use the pictures of the characters. Next time if the opportunity arises I would most defiantly use visual objects again to better engage the students.

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