Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dodgeball Variation That Can Be Acceptable

This is a variation to the most commonly used game of dodgeball that I came up with that I believe can be used and used effectively in physical education classes. Before the class or at the very beginning of class I would assign the students to partners. This partner would be their only teammate throughout the game. Of each group of partners one partner in the group would be given a dodgeball. They would be the shooters and the other partners without a ball would be the dodgers. The partners would stay teammates throughout the game. The object of the game would be for the players with balls to attempt to throw their ball at another player who was not their partner and did not have a dodgeball. If their partner without a ball was to get hit by another player that individual would be frozen instead of being out, until their "shooter" hit another player from another team of two. The game would function as almost a form of a dodgeball/tag game where everyone is involved and running around at all times. In order to be fair, halfway through the designated time for this game the partners would switch roles and the shooter would become the dodger and visa versa. This would allow both players equal opportunities at each role and they can also work on their skills needed for each part.
Through playing this game students will be working on their cardiovascular fitness and spacial awareness when playing either role, as well as teamwork because both players need to work together and help each other out to be successful. When being a shooter in particular you are working on throwing skills, aim/accuracy, agility, and speed. When being a dodger you are particularly working on quickness, agility, quick jab motions to fake out shooters, and strategy to stay "un-hit." The students through playing this game would be learning how to cooperate and work well together as well have using their teamwork skills to help out their pair of two. Students will remain active throughout the entire game and I don't see why this game would not be an acceptable form of dodgeball in physical education classes.

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