Monday, February 22, 2010

St. Mary's Day 3 (running, hopping, and galloping)

Today at St. Mary's our main purpose at the school was to formulate games the student's could play where we could watch and evaluate their galloping, running, and hopping skills. My lab group watched two different students first, one boy and one girl. Overall I found no particular pattern in the development of the girl compared to the boy. The boy was a better galloper than the girl. The girl would do more of a running motion than a gallop. When it came to running though the girl was more physically advanced than the boy. She ran on her toes and was off the ground with both feet at sometimes. On the other hand the boy ran for the most part flat footed. When it came to hopping both the boy and the girl for the most part were equally skilled. Both were able to hop on one foot fairly well. They both only did not use their other leg with a ton of force using momentum to force themselves forward far. After evaluating the boy and girl it was my group's turn to do our games. I went first and the game I introduced was called Come to My Tabe.l I felt the game went pretty well but some of the kids seemed to have a hard time listening. Come to My Table worked as follows. I split the group into two teams. I lined them up on either end line of the gym. One was team fruits and the other team vegetables. Each round I would call both teams into the center where I was standing and said "fruits and vegetables come to my table." Once both teams were lined up facing each other in the center I called out either a type of fruit or vegetable. If I called out a type of fruit. The fruits needed to run back to their safe zone and the vegetables tried to catch them. If I called out a vegetable them the vegetables needed to run back and the fruits tried to tag them. If a vegetable was tagged by a fruit and visa versa the vegetable would join the fruit team and the fruits join the vegetable team. Each time I would change it up and say either gallop, hop, or skip to the table so that all the students could use different skills in the game. After doing my game one of my other group members did their game and then we went down to the cafeteria. In the cafeteria on girl showed me her book she was making and I played Mancala with some of the other students. Everyone seemed to get along today and no one fought over rules like last time. Then after Cafeteria we went upstairs back to the gym and played some more tag games. This week seemed to go a lot better than last because everyone was more prepared with a game to use. Next week should be even better than this week because we will be even more prepared. I can wait till it's time to go back to St. Mary's.

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