Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Day At St. Mary's

Monday January 25th was the first day of lab for me in PED 201. I had no idea what to expect but just knew that I would be working with children at the St. Mary's Elementary School. I was actually a little nervous going there and was hoping that I would do well interacting with all the children. At first I was given a quick tour of the facility and then thrown right into the mix with the kids. The first place I was, was in the cafeteria where I immediately did a bunch of puzzles with the kids and also played Mancala. I really enjoyed spending the time there with the kids and really getting to talk to them in a calm environment. After doing the puzzles and playing the games, the other members of my group and I moved into the gym to have free play with the children. This was my favorite part. In the gym I played basketball for most of the time with some boy and a couple other members of my group from my PED class. First we played knock out but eventually some of the boys got bored with it and played touch football. I stayed with basketball and introduced the game of around the world to one of the boys to help him practice his shooting. Overall I had a really great time interacting with the kids at St. Mary's and the time just flew by. I'm excited to have more labs and get to know the children more!

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